CST for Adults

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands on treatment that works on helping the nervous system regulate and function in a balanced way. It also helps to release tension patterns in the body that have been caused by injury or illness over long periods of time. The process was developed by Dr. John Upledger who noticed a subtle rhythm in the fascial membrane he was holding during surgery. This system, which surrounds the brain and spinal chord contains the cerebrospinal fluid and is attached at the base of the skull (cranium) and the base of the spine (sacral), hence Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

To explain further, our bodies are held together by the fascial membrane which is like a pocket, with lots of pockets inside. This connective tissues surrounds each muscle, bone, organ and connects the whole body in a web like system. We can travel anywhere in the body, from the top of the head to your toes without leaving the fascia! This explains why sometimes when we are injured, there is referred pain in other areas of our body. When the fascial membrane is tight or restricted, it can cause a strain pattern in our system that can cause disruption to normal movement or whole body functioning.

A CST session is facilitated fully clothed with the client generally laying on their back. Initially, a whole body evaluation of the cranial system and fascial membrane occurs to determine the origin of where tension patterns or dysfunctions are located. During the session we will work with the fascial layer (light touch), soft tissue or perhaps positional tissue releases from where the injury may have occurred. This will all be explained in person on your first session.

Each person experiences a CST session differently. Some people go to sleep as their nervous system relaxes. Other people experience different thoughts, sensations, emotions or images. In most cases, people leave the session calm and centred and find relief from long term tension patterns in the body. Self-care following a session is recommended!

My own story… I first experienced CST following a water-skiing accident where I landed upside down on the bank compressing my C3 & C4 vertebrae. I was in a neck brace for approximately 4 months and during this time received physio which helped to re-strengthen the muscles, though always had long term issues and tried many other modalities of which brought temporary relief. My aunt at the time had studied CST and during my first session I experienced a long unwinding of the fascial membrane followed by a release of stored emotion from the accident. I slept for four hours immediately after the session and emerged feeling relief for the first time in years. Follow up sessions allowed for full recovery and I now continue to receive CST sessions to help my nervous system remain regulated and calm to continue this work.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is effective for a wide range of issues:

  • stress and tension
  • emotional trauma
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • central nervous system disorders
  • headaches and migraines
  • chronic neck and back pain
  • musculoskeletal pain
  • tinnitus
  • temporomandibular joint issues (TMJ)
  • post dental work
  • visual disturbance
  • chronic fatigue/ fibromyalgia
  • immune disorders
  • hormonal imbalances
  • and more….
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CST for Kids

CranioSacral Therapy for kids is a gentle light touch therapy that works with the central nervous system and fascial membrane of the body. Children benefit from CST for a range of reasons, they may be experiencing imbalanced sleep cycles, digestive issues, developmental delays or experience the world through an overactive nervous systems that may present as sympathetic overdrive. Babies may have experienced a long or traumatic birth process with the use of forceps on the cranial bones. If our nervous system is tight or restricted, so much energy goes into maintaining the restrictions rather than on developing new pathways for skill development. It is recommended that the parent remain in the room or close by if the child is under 12.

CST for kids can help with:

  • digestive issues
  • learning challenges
  • auditory and sensory processing
  • speech and language development
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • anxiety
  • self-regulation
  • headaches
  • sleeping issues
  • acute injuries (fell off bike/bumped head etc)
  • and more…
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SomatoEmotional Release

SomatoEmotional Release (SER) works at a much deeper level than a general CST session. To fully integrate residue of physical or emotional impact stored in the body, we must work with the physical tissue and the emotional and mental aspects together as one. The SER process integrates these systems to help our body return to optimal functioning.

Each session is unique to the client following a similar process to the CST sessions with the client being fully clothed, laying on their back. After an initial whole body evaluation and balancing of the craniosacral system, the body will show where the tension or dysfunction patterns reside. Follow up questions related to what you are sensing or experiencing will allow a deeper understanding of what is going on in the body. People respond with colours, shapes, images, memories or sometimes nothing (which is perfectly fine!). At times, people fall into a deep sleep, other times emotions come to the surface to be held and supported with compassion. Your body knows how to heal and the SER process is one modality that can assist. Please allow some integration time following the session before returning to your daily activities.

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Awareness sets you free…