‘My 16-year-old daughter has been working with Katie for around 18 months fortnightly. Over this time, I have witnessed my daughter have more courage and belief in herself, and confidence to speak up and understand and verbalize her needs. She has become amazing at setting boundaries for herself and trusting in herself and what she needs. When my daughter first started seeing Katie, she was very depressed and had such high anxiety due to the loss of her father and bullying at school. I was so afraid and scared of the choices my daughter was beginning to make with boyfriends and friends, however over time I have watched her make amazing and well-thought-out life choices and discover how to trust her inner wisdom. It has also been so precious to hear my daughter’s laughter and see her smiling again!

I love that my daughter can reach out to Katie via email and feels confident and comfortable enough to reach out and organize an appointment when she recognizes the need. For my daughter to trust Katie in this way says so much about the amazing gift Katie is and the amazing work that she does.

After many years of my daughter seeing a psychologist with no results, I can honestly say that Katie has been a key to helping my daughter begin to flourish once more.’

Counselling/Mentoring ~ Katriena ~ 2022

‘Thank you so much Katie, I was completely blown away by my first CranioSacral session. You were so kind and I felt completely at ease the whole time. Going into the appointment I wasn’t sure what to expect, however you explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. I felt my whole body ‘melt’ within minutes of you beginning the session and loved how I moved into a completely relaxed state. You helped me to draw out issues my body had been holding onto for many years, and through gentle questioning, you supported me to safely process these and release them. I left feeling completely nourished in my mind and body. I can’t wait for my next session!’

CST ~ Bec Peake ~ 2022

‘Katie’s healing is profound! I went into the session not 100% clear on what I needed but I trusted Katie and whatever showed up. Wowsers, Katie has a very gentle way of guiding you through any discomfort which allowed shifts in my cells to heal and relax. I felt a sense of lightness and calmness after my session. It was like the emotion which was stored in the body could be released. Very powerful! I highly recommend Katie, her deep level of safety and professionalism helped me shift and release trauma… Thank you Katie!

CST ~ Amy Stuth ~ 2022

‘My experiences with this work under the care of Katie is different on every occasion. Sometimes it is a blissful rest while she works her magic, and other times a cathartic release of stuck emotions and stored traumas. It can be physical at one moment and emotional or spiritual the next. Even though I never can tell what I’m in for, I always feel extremely supported and held in a kind an loving way. Katie’s intuitive nature and extensive knowledge, wisdom and belief in her work shows through in each session. In every moment, I feel held and safe to let go, express and share. She really takes the time to listen and be with me in our sessions. Katie has helped me with body aligning and also to shift the stored emotions and traumas that have locked themselves away in my body. We are achieving life changing results and I always look forward to our sessions and seeing what may come up next. I highly recommend Katie to anyone that is seeking relief from aches and pains or emotional issues.

CST & SER ~ Jo-Jo Pellion ~ 2023

Katie has amazing healing hands, her CST & Massage releases lots of pain , physical & emotional stress. After a session you feel relaxed, light & free . I genuinely recommend Katie’s therapies to everyone .

CST ~ Jeanette ~ 2023